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Day 2 of “not Tuscany” Tuscia: Tuscania and Marta

Tuscania If you have gone through high school in an English-speaking system, chances are you studied or stumbled through Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. More than this, if you were one of those kids who “preferred to watch the movie”, two versions were most likely on the cards: the one directed by Zeffirelli or the modernContinue reading “Day 2 of “not Tuscany” Tuscia: Tuscania and Marta”

To Trastevere – literally “beyond the Tiber”

7 January 2021- Do not fritter away your time perusing this post if you envision the wonderfully romanticised Trastevere of a pre-COVID world: the kind where, for some reason in everyone’s imagination, Spring and Summer are the only seasons. The streets are vibrantly splashed with bohemian Italians, market stalls and tourists thinking they have foundContinue reading “To Trastevere – literally “beyond the Tiber””


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All things Italian sums up me…except for the fact that I am Australian. I am a teacher of Italian and English, a faux photographer and former journalism graduate. I “took the plunge” (as my former principal said) and moved to Rome to teach at a private international school. Oh, and did I mention this all happened during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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