Melting into the Roman cityscape – Villa Torlonia

Fun fact: No one is in Rome in the summer. Other fun fact: There is a reason for that. That reason? Rome is unbearably hot and humid. There are, however, ways to minimise your time frying under the Roman sun: Set your alarm (sadly, yes) and get out and about early. Shops do not openContinue reading “Melting into the Roman cityscape – Villa Torlonia”

2 months in and savouring – Part One: My local neighbourhood

I have officially been here for over two months now. I would still definitely call myself an adopted Italian. In many respects, moving back to Italy for the first time in 6 years was relatively easy. I slipped right back into some old habits, but, more importantly, formed amazing new ones. It was empowering toContinue reading “2 months in and savouring – Part One: My local neighbourhood”

Travelling during a pandemic- A millennial indulgence.

This first post has been a long time coming. I plonked myself in Italy during the COVID pandemic about three weeks ago now. I will not start this blog by glamorising travel during a global health crisis. I am a constant wanderer, but this is not some vacation with idealised notions of living “La DolceContinue reading “Travelling during a pandemic- A millennial indulgence.”