Melting into the Roman cityscape – Villa Torlonia

Fun fact: No one is in Rome in the summer. Other fun fact: There is a reason for that. That reason? Rome is unbearably hot and humid. There are, however, ways to minimise your time frying under the Roman sun:

  1. Set your alarm (sadly, yes) and get out and about early. Shops do not open until 10am here, so your wallet as well as your body will thank you. In the morning, it is already 25 degrees and above by 8am, but it is the perfect time to wander around and see well-known monuments without the throngs of tourists. COVID has reduced this (and for good reason), so I made the most of these times to socially distance and still soak up the sites of the city.
  2. Sleep! Have that siesta (or the Roman “pennichèlla“) because you will be like every other foolish non-Italian frying in the sun. I survived the month of August and still managed to see many sights by coming home for a nap (bonus? Save money on lunch! You can totally tell I hadn’t started working hahahaha) and then venturing out at 5pm. The bonus of this was staying out in the city around sunset every evening.

Villa Torlonia- Sticking to my theme of “stick to your area”, I headed to Villa Torlonia in my first week here. The Villa …. TO BE CONTINUED

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